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She Wins

by Kareem O J Lee

“For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.” [1 John 5:4 – NLT]

Despite this rich promise in the Word, many women, struggle to see victories manifest in their lives. Countless women find themselves stuck in cycles of losses, feeling unfulfilled, inadequate and frustrated. This was never God’s intention, God created you and called you to live a victorious life in Him.

She Wins guides the Christian woman to a place of power. Stirring her to be fierce in her faith walk so that she can confidently navigate life in her God given authority. She overcomes life’s challenges, is liberated from the hurt of betrayal and the shame of regret and begins to WIN in all spheres of life.

In The Quiet

by Kareem O J Lee

Expect your spirit to be nourished and your soul to be stirred with a new desire to experience the fullness of sitting in quiet communion with the true Lover of your soul.

Do you find spending quality time with God a challenge? Maybe you have the desire, but find it difficult to avoid distractions or keep to the scheduled time. Are you caught in a cycle of unenthusiastic praying without knowing how to bring more depth into your conversations with Him? Perhaps the busyness of life affects your ability to slow down and spend quality time with God.

Author Kareem O J Lee guides you through a life-giving experience, as you flow through scripture and tap into growing levels of intimacy. The climax is a seventh-day marriage banquet with the Lord, sealed with a renewed commitment and discipline to faithfully come into His presence!

Path to Purpose

by Kareem O J Lee

The call to purpose is a divine call. It is an invitation into the glorious will of God for an individual to work with God in a mandated assignment. An individual’s call to purpose is for the honour and glory of God alone.

This book is dedicated to all those yearning to discover God’s purpose for their lives. To the many who will make it their first priority to discover why they exist and why they were created, this book is for you. To those who have wandered away from the very One who holds the keys to life and death, it is time to come back into His perfect will for your life; He is waiting for you.

Within the pages of this book you will encounter truth. May this truth inspire you to rise from brokenness to wholeness, and then begin walking in God’s purpose for your life

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