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Serving women by amplifying Biblical truth, inspiring faith, and speaking life into the journeys of those I connect with.

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...mine is anchored in a desire to know, embrace, and live uncompromised truth.

Kareem O J Lee is an accomplished author who uses her gifts of expression to serve women across the world.

With her writing, she stirs faith; and with her voice, she breathes life and imparts truth through insightful exhortation and biblically supported teaching. She engages a teaching element in all her publications, and the resources and programmes she curates are often used for individual and group mentorship.

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She Wins: 21 Days to Victorious Living

With powerful declarations, revelations from scripture, and insightful journal exercises, women are taken on a guided journey of facing their insecurities and overcoming a defeatist mindset.

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Faith Musings

The Essence of a Godly Woman: A Biblical Blueprint

In the midst of life’s demands, we can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed by the expectations thrust upon us. It’s worthwhile being reminded every now and then that God’s blueprint for us is rooted in love. His desire is never to burden us, but to uplift and empower us. Embracing these principles doesn’t just enrich us spiritually; it also connects us deeply with the heart of God.

In 2019, Kareem began inviting women in her faith community to join her for heart-to-heart gatherings which she calls Couch Conversations. The Couch is a safe space where women share and embrace life’s hard truths. Every conversation is genuine and significant, nurturing the spirits of women who desire to treat real-life issues with transparency and truth.